Coffee and Public Speaking: Is It A Good Or Bad Match?

Public speaking is the art of relaying information to listeners or an audience. Most people take a cup of tea before going to work or if going to an important event. During public speaking, you can get a mixture of many emotions. And these emotions can be taken to a whole new level depending on the number of cups of coffee consumed. Coffee contains caffeine which contains several health advantages and disadvantages to the human body.

Consumption of coffee before public speaking can both be a good and bad idea depending on how you have consumed it Coffee has several benefits if taken moderately and also has disadvantages if taken in large amounts.

Advantages of Taking Coffee Before Making Your Speech 

• Makes You Become Focused and Stay Alert

Drinking 1-5 cups of coffee before making your speech will make you more focused and alert.

• Boosts Your Energy Levels 

If you had a sleepless night practicing on your speech or had a busy day at work, chances are that you will wake up a tired person. That’s why it’s good to take a cup of coffee before embarking on your public speaking journey. Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the body hence increasing your energy levels making you more active during the day.

• Makes You Happy

Now you wouldn’t want to make your speech while you are all sad and gloomy. The mood that you set in the atmosphere is the mood that your audience will take. Research conducted by the NHIF found that people who drink 1-5 cups of coffee a day rarely suffer from depression than people who don’t drink coffee.

• Improves Your Brain 10 

If you are a public speaker, then you need to be a brilliant person. Public speaking involves learning, memorizing your speech and observing the tiny details that will make you an exceptional public speaker. Coffee jolts your memory increases your reasoning and makes you sharper.

Disadvantages of Drinking Excessive Coffee Before Making Your Speech

• Causes Anxiety

Drinking excess coffee more than your body can handle can cause anxiety, and disrupt your sleeping pattern which will lead to insomnia and this might affect how you will deliver your speech.

• Causes Heartburn 

During public speaking you need to be as comfortable as you can get, this involves being comfortable health wise. Drinking large quantities of caffeine might end up giving you heartburn, and we all know how uncomfortable heartburns are. We don’t want you posing countless times in the middle of a speech to take glasses of water.

• Acts as a laxative 

One of the most embarrassing moments you can have in your public speaking career is having a not so steady bowel movement. If you are a caffeine fiend over drinking coffee can have this effect on your body. The body won’t be able to contain the contents of the stomach hence forcing them to come out before their time is over, this can lead you to have countless trips to the washrooms in between a speech which isn’t a good picture.

Coffee should be drunk moderately. We have different bodies, which will react differently under the influence of coffee. But since coffee is high in caffeine, it is advisable to take average cups of coffee a day to avoid anxiety, stomas aches and other diseases.