Security is a primary life necessity we all seek as humans. Who doesn’t love to be secured? Sadly, in the world today, there’s limited information about security and other relevant life disciplines. However, TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) programs and its sister, TEDx events, have satisfyingly filled this gap and continually give us the ideas we need to live better lives and change our world for good. Watch any TEDx talk, and you’ll experience an intellectual adrenaline rush like that feeling that rips through you after a significant accomplishment.

Listening to a typical TEDx talk triggers positive imagination and thoughtfulness. A TEDx talk is a grassroots initiative, created in the undying spirit of TED’s overall mission to research and discover ideas worth spreading, with a view to get everyone informed about these life-changing ideas. According to Laura Stein, the founder and former director of TEDx, the TEDx philosophy is about “simplified, and authentic storytelling” with a mission of generating “ideas worth spreading.” Combining both with an excellent TEDx speaker produces an 18-minute compelling presentation equivalent to a Hollywood blockbuster.

TED and TEDx events are powerful independent events conducted without any intent of material gains or personal benefits. The organizers of these events have one purpose; to generate and share innovative ideas worth spreading worldwide. The TED conferences have featured highly influential individuals such as Bill Gates, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson, and many more. Many people have likewise embraced the TEDx initiative, formed in 2011, as a subset of TED to take the TED mission to a specified community. A recent TEDx statistic shows that many private individuals have conducted about 4,300 TEDx events, in 1,200 cities, and 133 countries around the world.

A significant difference between TED and TEDx events is that the former focuses on a global audience while the latter typically concentrates on a local community. The TEDx events fully cover all of man’s spheres and involve many topical and engaging topics like security, education, finance, business, personal growth and development, and what have you. However, in any case, safety comes first. Therefore, here are five security TEDx talks you should consider watching.

Internet of Things Security: Ken Muro

In this epic talk, Ken Muro, a specialist in ethical hacking, gave urgent alerts about the imminent dangers of the internet. This renowned specialist, who possesses the ability to virtually hack everything, from hotel key cards to children’s toys, and a range of IoT devices will build your intellectual knowledge about the insecurity of the Internet of Things, and the simplicity in hacking its tools. He further highlights some serious concerns about the Internet of Things, especially in security and privacy, taking you on a stunning intellectual journey. This talk will let you know how unauthorized individuals can use the Internet of Things as a weapon to generate your private information. Watch this talk and find out more about the insecurity of the Internet of Things yourself.

A Woman’s Place in Security: Joana Cook

What role do women play in extremism? And how do we counter the rising terrorism practices? Dr. Joana Cook, a senior research fellow at the International Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) at King’s College, London, explicitly throws more light on the above questions. The TEDx talk covers her research, which is focused on the role of women in violent extremism, how to counter violent extremism, and the counterterrorism practices that the world can employ. The excellent research which the highly distinguished Ph.D. holder thoroughly explained at the TED talk was valuable enough to have been presented to senior government and security audiences in some countries.

Why Cyber Security Is Important: Romeo Farinacci

Today, the world is rapidly becoming fully digital, and many people view cybersecurity as a hindrance to their productivity. Some see the highly-controversial topic as a tool to monitor and track their digital movements, thereby invading their privacy. Whatever mentality you might have developed about cybersecurity, watching this talk will educate you on the right perspective you should have about cybersecurity. In this presentation, Dr. Romeo Farinacci, the program director for information technology (IT) and cybersecurity in the Grand Canyon University College of science engineering and technology (CSET), brings over his 18 years of experience to try to shift the popular paradigm about cybersecurity. He explores the significance of cybersecurity, both at work and at home. Dr. Romeo, who is also an expert in cyber operations and management, consulting, and education, recounts what we stand to gain from cybersecurity, contrary to the extreme negative opinion many uphold about this commonly debated topic. Find out more about this informative TEDx talk, and l promise it will surely be a great experience.

Online Privacy; It Doesn’t Exist, Privacy and What We Can Do About It: Denelle Dixon

Chief business and legal officer at Mozilla, a vibrant speaker, and leader, Denelle Dixon, gives us feasible insights about the open, transparent, and commercially sustainable web. Her words, “who gets harmed when social media says, “share everything”? was food for thought for the TEDx talk attendees. Denelle, who was an outside advisor to Mozilla, has been a vocal advocate for encryption, the government’s disclosure of vulnerabilities, and higher user’s control of the internet. In this grand TEDx talk, she also gives more detail about how you can protect your online privacy in the insecure web. Online privacy, it doesn’t exist, will also educate you on the vulnerabilities of the internet, and how malicious individuals can exploit it to your disadvantage.

Watch this TEDx talk and learn more about protecting your online privacy.

Five Laws of Cybersecurity: Nick Espinosa

Another security TEDx talk worth your time is Five Laws of cybersecurity by an expert in cybersecurity and network infrastructure, Dr. Nick Espinosa. These authentic laws have caught the attention of many, including Forbes, and they’re certified relevant in the world of cybersecurity. What if you can experience total freedom from data breaches and vulnerabilities? In this TEDx talk, especially made with you in mind, Dr. Nick talks about how you can have a year free from data breaches, weaknesses, and malware. He unambiguously outlined the five immutable universal constants that govern cybersecurity and how you can utilize them effectively. The exceptional laws are, “if there is a vulnerability, it will be exploited, everything is vulnerable in a done way, humans trust even when they shouldn’t, and with innovation comes an opportunity for exploitation.”

Watch and find out more about these laws that govern cybersecurity.


If there’s any information you need to ensure your absolute security and privacy, especially in this digital world, then you should consider watching these security TEDx talks. Many viewers of these immaculate talks have had myriads of testimonies to share. Join them, and secure your identity, privacy, and security, now and forever. Happy watching!