Avoiding “Information Overload”

The internet has opened up a whole new world of information. We can find anything we want to know about in seconds with the click of a button. But there are some dangers that come with this “information overload.” It’s easy to get caught up on the computer and lose track of time, or spend too much time online and not enough time outside. With our work lives becoming more digital as well as our personal lives, it’s important for us to take care of ourselves by setting limits on what we do online so we don’t become overwhelmed. One way is by taking regular breaks from your screen while you’re working or surfing around-set an alarm every hour or two, turn off notifications, go for a walk outside, stretch your muscles and relax.

Avoiding the information overload that is all too common in our digital world, we are often left with a sense of desolation and isolation. We have so many choices for what to do or where to go online but it’s hard sometimes not knowing which one will make you happy. There is no secret recipe on how to find out if something was worth your time but there are some basic steps you can take following before clicking away from an article or video: be honest about whether this applies directly-or just peripherally to me; does this give me any kind of guidance? Does it help my current state at all? It might sound silly, but asking yourself these questions when viewing content helps guide people towards making smarter decisions.